Sunday, January 5, 2020

January Leadership Goals

As I continue to navigate my way through this first year of administration, I have learned that choice and priority are two things that I always have to consciously be aware of when it comes to what tasks and accomplishments I need to get done each day. It is so easy to get held up in your office or have new tasks that keep popping up (that is just part of it!) throughout each day and lose your hold on what you really need to be focusing on...the students and teachers. The building and fostering relationships aspect of education is what I enjoy the most, and I want to help myself make sure that it stays at the front of my role as an assistant principal. 

So, I wanted to make myself a friendly personal challenge/set of goals for the month of January that I could use to hold myself accountable for keeping relationships number one!

It is not a daily challenge, but it could certainly be used as one! Instead, it is a list of actions that I have either started and want to maintain or keep saying that I am going to do but have not yet. 

Since I already made the template, I thought that I would share a blank one with you in Google Drive that you can use to make your own monthly leadership challenge. I also made one that says educator challenge if you are in a different role or want to use the goal sheet in your own way. 

If you like this and decide that it is something that you would want to use yourself, I would love to see what goals you add to your list! Please tag me in your photos on Facebook or IG. If we share, then we can all gain new goals and actions that we may want to carry forward throughout this school year and beyond.