Saturday, September 5, 2015

GoNoodle's Back to School Blogger Blitz

Friends!!! I am obsessed with GoNoodle, and I just CAN'T quit talking about how awesome they are!! Want to find out what makes GoNoodle so #awesome? Join me and some fabulous bloggers for a..........

If you have followed my teaching journey then you know that GoNoodle has been so good to me. From visiting GoNoodle headquarters in Nashville to winning the GoNoodle makeover contest, this company has changed my teaching world and positively impacted the lives of my kiddos.

I am kind of a fan girl/Noodle groupie. I don't know if that's a real thing yet, but I just turned it into one! Come join in and be a Noodle groupie, too!

Since I am such a huge fan of all things GoNoodle, I thought that I would share with you my top 5 favorite reasons why I love using GoNoodle in 5th grade!

 I am pretty sure that this picture speaks for itself! EVERY time that GoNoodle turns on in my classroom, I am right there dancing with the kiddos, trying out the yoga moves, singing along with Kidz Bop, or attempting to say Llama as fast as I can while keeping up with the movements as well.

When I moved to 5th grade, I wondered how much I would still be able to use GoNoodle in the classroom. I am SOOO happy to say that it has been a smashing success. They BEG me to let them use GoNoodle when we transition between subject areas, get back from lunch, or need a minute to just take a breather.

 Seriously. I just can't even.

What would we do with out Koo Koo Kangra Roo? My life would be incomplete. We use the jelly fish handshake, sing Get Loose, and celebrate students' birthdays with Birthday Hooray.

I love that GoNoodle is not just focused on one type of brain break. They offer kinesthetic learning breaks, guided dancing, coordination, calming activities, free movement, and exercise activities. 

On an average day, we will start out our morning with a Think About It brain break. We will use Peanut Butter in a Cup from MooseTube to get us pumped up for the day, dance after lunch to Kidz Bop or Koo Koo Kanga Roo and end our day with yoga. 

The students use the gaming activities to review or practice classroom skills with questions that I have created and added to the game. Their favorite is Think On Your Feet. I love that you can upload your own questions into several of the games. It makes the learning exciting and relevant! Need to review vocabulary words or parts of speech? Create a quick set of questions and upload them to one of the many brain breaks! Students will LOVE it! You can also share the questions that you make with others!

Life should be fun. Learning should be fun. Classrooms should be full of FUN! Participating in GoNoodle brain breaks throughout the day is a great opportunity for me to relax and bond with my students in a unique way.

So...are you a GoNoodler? If not, click here and go sign up NOW! It is FREE! You seriously cannot pass that up. Your students can even create accounts at home!

Since you have hung in there with me while I shared my GoNoodle love with you, I have a surprise! Thanks to the Back to School Blogger Blitz, I am giving away one of the BRAND NEW pencil pouches that just went live in their store recently. I have one and keep all of my flair pens in it! Just sign up for the giveaway using the Rafflecopter below and that beautiful new pencil pouch could be yours! :) 

I will be back on the 12th to announce a winner! In the meantime, you can visit the GoNoodle Shop and grab some of their awesome swag with this special discount! Just use BTSwithGoNoodle to get %15 off your purchase. 

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

@2getherwearebetter SEPTEMBER- Classroom Reveal

Happy September! I LOVE my room this year. I just adore it, and I have been not so patiently waiting for this amazing opportunity to share my entire room with you!

Are you ready?

Let's first take a look at what my room looked like in July. It was yellow and blue. This was actually my room 5 years ago when I started my teaching adventure in second grade. I spent two years in this room before moving out to a portable (which was amazing).

When I found out that I was moving back into this room, I wanted to make some major changes. I knew I would have several of my previous second graders in my fifth grade class this year, and I wanted the entire experience to be different for them. New last name, new grade level, same room but NEW feel.

Welcome to the new room! I will let the pictures do the explaining.

This is the view when you first walk in. 

This is the view from the back of my room.

Our reading library----SWOON! :) 

This is our classroom reading library. It is one of our favorite spaces in the room. I love how it is completely student friendly. :) The books on the shelves are chapter books. We are constantly growing our collection. I cannot wait until we outgrow these shelves, and I have to buy more!

I love our #whattheteacherread board! This is where I will update what books I am exploring. The kiddos love seeing what I am reading, and it is a great way to strike up conversation about what they are reading as well!

By the way...are you participating the the Global Read Aloud? If yes..WAY COOL! If you don't know what I am talking about then YOU SHOULD. Check it out!

I wish that this big AC unit was not so gigantic, BUT it works and it is magnetic. That has to count for something! :) 

This area is one of the spaces that is a MAJOR improvement from my first time in this room. Before, the student cubbies(the kiddos call them "bat caves" idea why) were a mess and the back cabinet area was a place for me to store junk. Now, it is organized and free of clutter!
Keeping myself organized as well as keeping counter and table spaces free is one of my major goals this year. We are a month in to school and so far I am keeping my goal!

The kiddos and I have embraced our dream of being "one" #readingtribe this year. This chalk board is a space for us to track our #bookaday as well as share pictures books and other reading resources with each other. Big kids love reading picture books to0 so this is the spot in the room designated to those beautiful literacy pieces.

This is the best picture that I have of the front of my room. The far left bulletin board has nothing on it because I have my big maps of the US and globe pulled down over it 99% of the time. 
The right bulletin board is where I hang the anchor chart at during the middle of the lesson. 

Hands down...THE BEST PART OF THE ROOM! Yes, it deserves cap locks. This wall is our reading graffiti wall. I totally stole the idea from Stacey, my spirit animal, over at Literacy for Big Kids. I will post more about this wall soon. 

This is the view of our room if you head out into the hallway. 

Interior design is NOT my forte. I don't have a knack for decorating, and I have to force myself to stay organized. However, I set some non-negotiables for myself when I went to organize the space above.

*The room needed to feel "mature"
*No bright colors
*No clutter on walls
*Little to no lamination on walls
*Lots of free space

I am obsessed with our room, and I love how the space came together. Thank you for letting me share our room with you!