Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Disappointing Data- Wordless Wednesday

I hope this photo generates some discussion. The following paragraph made me so mad after reading that I had to stop working on my homework assignment(such a tragedy!) and cool down.

Do you agree with this data? Does this match your school setting? What tips do you use to help boost parent support, involvement, interaction, and interest in your individual classroom? 


  1. My school has a 75% ELL population, so a huge part of our lack of parental involvement is simply because of communication issues. The neighborhood is very poor, right in the heart of Las Vegas so financial issues play a large role in it as well. Next year my goal is to get any helpers at all, that would be great! :)


  2. We have few parents volunteer in our building as well. This was my worst year for parent volunteering (in 10 years) many parents who would be willing to help either had younger children at home or worked. We have 83% free and reduced population. I feel that our communication wasn't bad, but even getting our district-required nightly homework done was a problem. I sent home multiple charts/graphs and articles sharing why reading was so important and we also discussed it at conferences. A few of the kids would sign their own homework logs because they knew they were expected to do homework. Kudos to them :)

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  3. I have huge mixed feelings on this! I LOVED volunteers when I was in a private school because I knew they were there to help me. Now, in my school, it is low-income and huge ELL population. A lot of those parents are there to help me and I LOVE them but there is a language barrier. As for the other parents - they're not there to help, they're there to judge me and I don't want them in my room. It's sad but true.

    P.s. - I read through your entire blog yesterday (I think I had read through some of it prior to that). I just love it. I'm always glad to find other 2nd grade teachers. Plus you are in the south.
    - Sydney
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  4. Unfortunately, I do agree with the data. I taught in the upper levels (and now in college) and at that age it is SO DIFFICULT to get parents involved! Almost an impossibility. Hopefully it is a little bit different for the younger grades :)

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  5. I'm really bad at getting my parents involved... It's one of my appraisal goals this year. I really should get on to it!
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