Monday, April 7, 2014

Something Borrowed- Classroom Calendar

 One of my blogging besties, Jen from Sparkling in Second, is embarking on her new journey as a Mrs. That's right! Our Ms. Cullen is getting married! BIG congrats to you girlie! While Jen is away enjoying marriage bliss, some of her blogger peeps are taking over her blog for a special event!

My "something borrowed" is Classroom Calendar Math. I "borrowed" this idea and adapted it to meet the needs of my kiddos in my classroom. Hopefully, after this post, you will want to "borrow" it, too!

I am a classroom calendar junkie. Yup..even in good ole' second grade. In fact, I think it is safe to say that I would still do calendar if I was an upper elementary or middle school teacher. Do you have/ use a classroom calendar? If you do..I am smiling at you. 

If not...hop on over to Jen's blog here to read all about how and why I use classroom calendar in my guest post!


  1. When I was moved to first grade I fabulous calendar math resources from Jessica Meecham'svwebsite. I tailored her ideas to fit the needs of my students and our state standards and our routine was born! Some days it may seem monotonous but it is so worth it. Your high babies will go higher and your low babies will eventually pick up the basics. I cannot express how important it is to do Calendar math every day! Thanks for sharing! Your system is fantastic and really cute;)

  2. We do calendar every day in my second grade class. My version derived from my first year of teaching when we had to do Daily Math. We do number of the day, word form, place value form, expanded form as well as a pocket chart where we can bundle 100's and 10's. We also do clock and money as well as a tally chart. I have a ring of awesome calendar questions as well which I found on BainbridgeClass
    My grade level partners don't do a nearly extensive version of calendar work as I do so I was so excited to see that other second grades do it too :)
    Teacher Will Run for Books

  3. Loved your post! Thank you so much :)


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