Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Test Prep Response Cards

Test Prep
Response Cards

The idea of using cards as an interactive visual tool for test preparation and review is nothing new. I know that. You know that. But, I am really picky about test review in my classroom. I like interacting with my kiddos. We all do. So, why give them 5 questions and ask them to write their responses on a sheet of paper? Why not give them flip cards and make them discuss with one another and defend their answers?

Why not? 

We use accountable talk all day long in my classroom. Now that we are elbow deep in close reading, using text evidence, and inferring, the students are using their accountable talk more than ever. I don't accept yes or no answers so why would test prep be any different?

That got me thinking. Why not redo my review cards to help students remember that they must back up their answers to our review and test prep with evidence?

Thus...these babes were born. 

Cute, yes?

I passed these out to the kiddos in my small group and didn't say much other than, "We have new cards."

This is how the conversation went. No joke.

"Wow. These are pretty!" 
"Oh look! They have our accountable talk on them."
"It says because."
"Oh man, does that mean we have to defend our answers?"

The last comment cracked me up. I think I may have laughed unattractively when my little spoke that. It was so honest, but it also spoke volumes to me. Yes, he may consider discussing and defending answers hard work, but he knows what it is and why we use it. I can deal with that! :)

I am using these cards in a variety of ways. Sometimes, I pass out the large cards to table leaders, and the students work in teams to solve an answer. I use the bigger cards because it is easier to see from across the room.

I use the smaller cards when I am wanting students to individually arrive at an answer. This is often in small groups. Occasionally, I will pass out a set to each student. 

 You can grab these up in my TPT store here. And, because I am REALLY excited about these...I am going to give away a set. Just leave a comment about these test prep cards, and I will pick a winner tomorrow.     (Don't forget to leave your email.)

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  1. My kids seem to need to be reminded not to answere with just a few short words. These would be great. poohm12@hotmail.com

  2. I love these cards! I had some old school ones years ago and was thinking I need to do new ones. These are fabulous!

  3. These are so cute! So much better than the "write your choice on your personal white board" option I've had in the past.

  4. These are seriously awesome and adorable- I would love to use these in my classroom! primarypractice@gmail.com

  5. These are AWESOME!!! I love that it reinforces all the close reading and text based evidence that we have worked so hard on this year. I would be thrilled to win a set of these beauties! They are wonderful just like all your creations! My students will be pumped to have a variation to the ole' white board review and just perfect with the timing of state testing around the corner.


    1. Thanks for replying and showing interest in these! Check your inbox! :)

      A Rocky Top Teacher

  6. These are super cute! And I love that it includes the accountable talk!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  7. Oh my! These look great! I like the "because" on each one. We've been doing letters/numbers either on our fingers or whiteboards. These are much easier (no one forgets how to make a b or d) and way cuter! I'm crossing my fingers for this one!
    andrea . m . lee84 @ gmail . com


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