Monday, March 17, 2014

Celebrating with a GIVEAWAY

Eeeekkkk! It is celebration time!!!

Why are we celebrating you might ask? 

I finally have a professional blog design that I am IN LOVE with thanks to Parker at PJ's Design Laboratory. He literally took, "I want an apple and teal, purple, and gray" and made it into the beautiful design that is now. Just wow! Do you like it? I hope so! I highly recommend that you check him out if you are in the market for a new blog makeover. Or, maybe you just want a new blog button, social media icons, name it. He is fabulous.

I also managed to reach 1,000 Instagram followers. For me, it made my social media life. Techie geek? Yes, most def.  I share a lot of what is going on in my classroom on my IT account, and it really humbled me that so many follow me to see what we do!

As I mentioned in my post here, you all are the foundation of why I do what I do. I know that I am not the most regular blogger. I hope that, in the future, I can get to a point where I can blog consistantly each week(Like my blog hero, Greg). But, I am still trying to "find that balance", and I am so appreciative that you come read and share my classroom experiences with me when a new post gets written. 

You all rock.

Now...on to the goodies...GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!

Just check out these products!
These awesome ladies have been so sweet and are helping me bring you a FABULOUS list of products to enter for a chance to win. The theme for many of these products is focused around "test prep" since many of us are getting ready to review for the state testing assessments that are coming up in the following months. 

Good luck! And....THANK YOU!

Special Thanks to 3am Teacher, Graphics from the Pond, and Kimberly Geswein for the graphics used in this post!

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