Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Top 3 IG Faves of 2013

I am Instagram obsessed. I feel bad "non-teacher" friends that followed me back when my IG account was just my name and was more about my "other life" outside of school. But, let's face it...Now I have changed my name to my blog, and I use IG as a way to share what is going on with my throughout all aspects of my life and a majority of that happens to be education focused. 

So..today I am linking up with my new friend Elizabeth from Kickin' It In Kindergarten to share with you my top 3 IG posts from 2013. 

It is an amazing experience to share with fellow educators on your own through workshops and conferences. It is an INCREDIBLE experience when you get to do it with a teammate who you respect and admire. This past winter, my amazing friend and coworker got to present at the Title 1 conference. It was fab!

I love my students. It touches my heart to watch them grow as individuals and learners each year. This IG photo was snapped during a field trip back in the fall. I happened to walk around the corner of the corn maze and see these two beautiful girls walking arm in arm. My heart melted on the spot, and it reminded me of just how special and important childhood is to our youth. 

And, I would not be participating in this linky party if it wasn't for my #1 fave IG photo of 2013. On December 31st, 2012, I wrote a list of goals I had for the year 2013. One of the items on my list was to create a teacher blog. I know there are a million out there, but I wasn't doing it to make money or to be like everyone else. I dreamed of creating a blog that would be a reflection of my experiences in the classroom. In May, I made that dream a reality and turned my goal into an accomplishment. I have met so many amazing educators throughout the journey so far and am so glad that I took that leap of faith and created my blog. I cannot wait to see what is in store for my blog in 2014. I am forever grateful for what this community has done for me and my current and future students. 

So..now that you know my top 3...have you linked up?

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Happy 2014!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year Giveaway!

Happy {soon-to-be} New Year!

I am excited to bring you a New Year's Giveaway! Jen from Sparkling in Second is holding a huge giveaway with 20 different bloggers K-5! We have all donated some of our newest products to celebrate the new year!

There are 3 packs to win {k/1, 2, 3-5}, enter one or enter them all, it's up to you!
There's no better way to start the year than a bunch of NEW products!

The giveaway ends December 31st {just in time for the NEW year}, so don't delay, enter below!

Good luck!

Check back for a winner on January 1st!

Happy New Year, loves! I am headed to Nashville, TN to meet up with some awesome TN bloggers. I cannot wait to come back and tell you all about it!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Blogger loves,
I just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas to all of my fellow bloggers and blog readers. I appreciate each and every one of you. Have a blessed holiday season!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Classroom Random Acts of Kindness

Happy Sunday! 

Today I am doing a quick(because it is the last day of Thanksgiving break and still have so much to do!) post about a freebie that will be making an appearance in my classroom starting tomorrow. Get excited! 

Each year, my students and I participate in a classroom R.A.K.(random acts of kindness). I do it every day in December. The students come in each morning, and we check our R.A.K. bag for our kindness goal of the day. Some days it is a simple act such as saying thank you. Other days, it requires more thought such as giving the custodians a written card. I have really stepped up the amount of writing that my second graders are doing this year so I wanted to incorporate some writing with our RAK this season.  I created this R.A.K. journal so that my students could record their daily acts of kindness and reflect on the importance of that act. I am really big on sentence stems like "_____ because ____" so you can be sure that my students will be asked to use something like that in their writing with this journal.
I will be using Kindertastic's Light 'em up packet(freebie) for our daily acts of kindness as well as throwing in some of my own. 

Ready for your freebies?!?!
Go to my TPT store or click here and here to find the journal and some bag tags! The journals have different pages that can be used with students grade K-5!

Happy December!