Monday, August 26, 2013

Registration Day

School is back in swing for me here in East Tennessee, and the first few days came and went so fast that it all seems like a blur now! I am always amazed at how that seems to happen. I feel like I am finally finding my "school groove"....thank goodness! I am a little behind on the back to school activities so I am going to play catch up and share some first day goodies with you!

Registration Day

For me, registration day is a lot like the "meet the teacher" nights that many districts host. My school does a registration morning where the students arrive at school to learn who their new teacher is, see the class list, meet the teacher, fill out paperwork and then head back home to enjoy the last few hours of summer break.

I get really nervous and excited on registration day! There is something special about greeting those new students as they walk through the door and meet you for the first time. I also really enjoy meeting the family members that stop by as well. I always strive to create a classroom atmosphere that is inviting and try to provide my families with information and tools that they can take home with them from day one.

Here are some snap shots that I managed to snag before I met my new families for the first time! I am not very creative on my own. So many of the ideas that you see in the pictures are from my talented teacher friends and idols.

I am kinda in love with how cute this banner turned out. In fact, I will admit that it is still hanging in my room....two and a half weeks later. I might as well keep it up through open house tonight. Grab this banner here

I bought this little gem while on my first Ikea excursion last month. My handwriting is kind of a hot mess so this is as fancy as I get. Still, love how I can use it to write notes and reminders!

I am obsessed with being organized so I loved it when Reagan Tunstall blogged about her station signs. I used a similar version in my room this year, and it worked out wonderfully!! I had five parent information stations at registration-
1)Pick up student information packet and paperwork. 
2) Fill out transportation information. 
3) Contact information( email list and Remind 101). 
4) Meet the Teacher- Families picked up a packet all about Ms. Young!
 5) Treat yourself- students and parents picked up their back to school gifts from me!

My kiddos and I have introduced ourselves, learned new classroom procedures, adjusted to the new daily scheduled and are now ready to dig in to the new curriculum. I have such a sweet group of students this year. I am already attached to them and cannot wait to see what the year has in store for us. Tonight is Open House! Wish me luck! And, I am sending happy thoughts to all of my teacher friends who start school today or go back to school soon! Have a FABULOUS start to your year!!

Ready or we come 2013!!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs

I have almost NOT published this post about 5 times today. But, I finally decided that by sharing my room with all of you...I may get some advice and inspiration on what I can do to make my classroom a more inviting and academically stimulating environment.  I was so nervous about moving into our new "learning cottage" this year. However, I am totally falling in love with it! It is HUGE. I have two student bathrooms, two water fountains, a teacher bathroom, large closet and a sink all on my side of the cottage. 

Sooooo here we go. Picture overload in 4....3....2....1

Some before pictures......

 After pictures.....
 The closet is not deep, but I love the area. It is enough room that I can place student workbooks, center materials, and manipulatives on one side and teacher materials, tissues, germ-x, a filing cabinet, and other school supply goodies on the other. Not to mention that I can just close the doors on those bad boys and cover up all the "stuff". When it arrives, my small group table will go here.

I am digging my new word wall from Ladybug's Teacher Files! This is where my SmartBoard will go as well when it arrives. Let me tell ya...I did not realize how dependent I was on my SmartBoard and Elmo until I had to go without. Oh. my. word. I cannot wait for those babies to be delivered and installed in the new room! 

 Calendar Math and soon to be data wall!

White boards, leveled books

 Again..adoring my schedule cards from The Ladybug's Teacher Files

Objectives Board with my awesome chevron tape compliments of Nicole from All Things Apple in 2nd. Thanks, girlie!

Classroom Occupations from A Cupcake for the Teacher.

Reading area. I need something about my gutter bookshelves. Any ideas?

Word Wall in the making...

Teacher desk. Honestly..this is the first time that I have had a desk. I opted to not have one my first two years of teaching, and I won't really use this one. But, I needed a place to store my computer and Elmo this year.

Well...there ya go. Picture overload. I'm sorry. As I mentioned before...I will accept all insight and advice. I am really loving my room and cannot wait to add to it as the school year progresses. I am on my way over to Blog Hoppin' to check out the rest of the classroom digs and see what everyone has been up to this summer!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Teacher Monday

So this is my first post in over two weeks and even now I am rushing to actually be able to post the Monday Blog Hoppin' edition on Monday. 

I went back to work last Monday and the first day of school was Thursday..not to mention that the few days before that were a crazy blur of moving into the new building, unpacking, and throwing things up on the wall. Literally....throwing. You think I am kidding...I wish I was. 

That would also be why I have not posted any pictures of the new room....yet. I think my mind went into panic mode to just get the room "student ready" so I feel like it is lacking...a lot. I am thinking that I may need to post pictures anyways to get advice from all you crafty folks out there on improvements that I can make. 

Yea..I like that idea. 
(Sneak peek of room) is Monday. I am still exhausted from the back to school craziness so what better way to relax than to join the ladies over at Blog Hoppin' for their annual Teacher Week '13!?!

Today's topic is Meet the Teacher Monday. Here are 10 things about me that you may or may not want to know about me. 

1. I love my job. Seriously....I am in love with teaching. There is no other job out there that can match what we educators do. I will be the first to admit that I had NO idea what I was getting myself into when I walked into my first classroom three years ago. There is so much more to the job than what they can teach you in college. But, I haven't regretted a single moment and am so blessed at the opportunity. 
 (Teachers take 1st day of school pictures, too!)

2. I love sweet tea. Yes...this is so important that it gets to be #2 on my list. For example...I had not one but TWO large sweet tea's from McDonald's today. I wish I was lying..really I do. I hope my kickboxing instructor/fitness trainer doesn't read this blog or I am in serious trouble. 

3. I am addicted to sleep. I am that person who sets 8 alarms and doesn't even budge until the last alarm goes off. It drives my family crazy. 

4. My dog is my "baby". He has the biggest brown eyes that I swear can just stare right through me. I talk about him and share so many pictures at work that even my students are in love with my dog. In fact, one of my students from last year actually wrote me a letter today asking if Hero could come to 3rd grade with him. No. You cannot have my baby, but I may send him down the hall to visit!

(My little man)

5. I miss coaching. I swam on a competitive swim team for 9 years and loved every minute of it. I went on to coach the same team for 5 years as well as a local high school team. I loved it. I miss it. Maybe one day when I have more time (ha ha) I will get back into the coaching scene. 

(Picture of a picture! This is my younger brother and me. My mom actually had to force us to take this "coach" picture.) 

6. My favorite color is purple. Any shade. I am obsessed. If I can accessorize something with purple then I do. Love. It.

7. I dislike shopping. I wanted to use the word "hate" but that sounded too harsh.  I also cannot stand to try on clothes. I would rather wash dishes than go shopping. I know.....I get weird looks every time I admit this.

8. I am terrified of scary movies. I refuse to watch them. The new trailer on TV for The Conjuring freaks. me. out!!!!! 

9. I don't like birthday cake. I haven't had a "real" birthday cake since I was 5 or 6. Instead, we do cheesecake..or cookie cake..or ice cream..or all three. My grandparents actually had a cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory sent in dry ice delivered to me for my 18th birthday. I know..I am spoiled.

10. I hate packing my lunch. PLEASE tell me I am not alone in this. This kind of goes with #3 and my addiction to sleep. I tell myself that I am going to wake up with enough time to pack my lunch, but I sleep too long in the morning to do it. :)

Well..there ya go. 10 random Meet the Teacher facts. Happy Monday. Tomorrow is Classroom Tour. Eeek!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Quick Update

I promise I am alive and I have TONS of pictures and goodies coming your way. My new kiddos come Wednesday. Moving in to a brand new room is so much funTOUGH stuff. Hang in there for a few days, and I will be back on schedule!

In the meantime...hop on over and visit Dana at Common to the Core. She was sweet enough to feature me as a new blogger on her "New Teacher Blog Tuesday" post today. Thanks, Dana!