Thursday, June 20, 2013

That's A Steal Thursday!

Happy Thursday! During the school year, Thursdays are my second favorite day of the week. I am sure we can all guess why! During the summer, I like Thursdays because my new friend Miss Kayla at Meet Miss Parker is hosting a Thursday linky party! 

I spent the last two days in an AMAZING Common Core Math training. I cannot wait to share some of what I learned over the last couple of days with you throughout the summer. My goal is to create a summer Common Core Math series focused around the benefits of using math tasks in your math curriculum. 

The trainings were about an hour away from where I live which I am totally okay with! Why? Because that means that I can visit some of my favorite stores( Target and Home Goods) which I don't have where I live. Target was the perfect fix for my frazzled, fried brain and a horrible scenario for my bank account. Teacher problems, anyone? 

Here are some of my "Thursday Steals" from Target!

As research continues to stress the importance of student engagement and exploration with nonfiction texts, I have been on the look out for good nonfiction resources. I am really careful to check over the nonfiction before I buy it though. It has to be a purposeful nonfiction piece in order for me to grab it up. I must say that these Looking at Nature books are fabulous! They have a lot of nonfiction text features that are going to be a perfect addition to our text features unit in the fall. The pictures are gorgeous, and they are actually on a reading level that my second graders should be able to work with. If you are at Target..go see if you can find these and grab them up, y'all! 

I also ran across some more nonfiction books. The "I Can Write a Book!" series is my favorite find of the day. This series may just require its own blog post! The book identifies and defines key vocabulary terms needed for writing a book on specific topic, gives the reader tips on how to find information on that topic, explains the body of a book, as well as a million other beneficial tips to help young writers create their own book.  Again, if you are at your local Target and you see these-GRAB THEM!!!

I grabbed several of these adorable magazine holders. I don't need book boxes for the kiddos because we have cute book bags(thanks to my parents who own an embroidery business), but I just couldn't pass these up. I will use them to help me loose organize something.

So, those are my Thursday steals! Have you found any good "steals" lately? 


  1. I am heading to Target today! I will be looking for those magazine holders!

    1. Lana,

      If those magazine holders are there then it was worth the trip! :)


  2. I love it all! Thank you so much for linking up! You are so awesome! I am so glad you did too because I NEED to get to Target and look for those books! How great are those?! Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to you linking up in the future too! ;-)

    Kayla Parker
    Meet Miss Parker

    1. Thanks for hosting it! I am LOVING meeting new people and connecting with everyone. Thanks for the link party and I will for sure be linking up again!



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